Friday, January 2, 2015

What do you get when you mix light, darkness, choas, and Cobimani456 together? A damn awesome Bayonetta 2 LP!

Do you like sexy women? Do you sexy women with glasses? Now, what about sexy women that wear glasses that have a british accent and are completely badass? If you've said yes to any of these questions then you'll love the Bayonetta 2 for Wii U LP by Cobimani456.  Just warning you now, though, that this LP is mature. Then again, who's ever really listened to the ESRB people? Anyways, this LP is pretty cool, more of a Hack and Slash game then an Open World game. The story is inturging, and the characters are all (with the exception of one) funnily badass. the main character, Bayonetta, is just plain fanservice all around. I honestly think that the people who made this game are kind of perverts- not that there's anything wrong with that! My philoposy about perverts is that we're all perverts inside. some of us (usually women) are just much better at hiding that fact. back on track, it looks like a damn fun game. Unfortunely for me, I don't own a Wii U- so I can't play this game. Now I don't know what else to say... Hmm... Oh! Have a Umbra Witchin' good day! ha ha, see what I did there? ... No? Damn.

Rating: 8.5/10

Major Benefit: fanservice galore!
Major Downfall: NOT FINISHED!

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