Tuesday, December 30, 2014

IT's the Insqusidors!... Wait, no it's not, it's a demonic dragon age! And, yes, I spelled something wrong, sue high school then.

Heya, everyone! So, since I've been gone, I thought I'd upload another reveiw tonight- or day if I have audience in foreign countries. As it's 10:57 PM in america's east as I type this, I'm going to kinda have to make this short. after all, what good self-rightous bastard, need sleep for? OK, so I'm not really a self-rightous bastard, BUT what I am is- are- is- whatever the correct grammer for that sentence is, am an LP reveiwer. So, I think we all know the drill about now, right? (audience: RIGHT!) Right. yes I'm feeling a bit silly right now. Anyways, tonight's LP is Atomic Gaming's LP of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Now this guy I've actually met at a convention in Florida called "WasbiCon". I think he's an awesome guy- even better that he's a jew and pokes fun at it all day long. Now, I thought he would commenate on this LP( given he likes to talk- something I'm gulity of, I mean, who listens to me ramble? That's riiiight, the internet!) but nope, surprisingly enough he's almost nowhere to be heard. Yeah, so, that's all I got for now.

Rating: 5/10
Major Benefit: Can enjoy the story more
Major Downfall: NO Commenating :(
Link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLM_XoX39V7QxyjhAkt32II3httnDAs96y

Gotta catch 'em all with PurpleRodri

hey everyone. sorry about the late update. I've been busy with cleaning and playing a couple of new 3DS games. Anyways, I figure that most of you, if not all, know who I'm talking about when I metion "PurpleRodri". or not, I don't know. he's not as big as, say, Pewdewpie(?), GhostRobo, etc., etc. His Pokemon X for the Nintendo 3DS, Pokemon Emerald (Emulator), Pokemon Gold, Pokemon black( I think it's that one), Pkemon Fire Red version (obivisly emulated) and Pokemon White 2 are all hilarious on SOME level. Much like GhostRobo, I'd recamend this YouTuber to people of all ages, for the most part. Now, as we all know, no one's perfect- so he DOES curse only whenever he gets REALLY mad. know when that happens? rarely ever, and that's for his Zelda videos- but that's another story, another time. all in all he's a pretty cool guy.

Rating: 8/10
Major Benefit: RARE cursing
Major downfall: kind of slow updates
LINK: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnfHf6Orr9_y47xBjttGdfA

Sunday, December 21, 2014

New Glitch in smash!

Holy crap! a few moments ago i discovered a new glitch in smash bros for 3DS today! so i was playing against someone as Little Mac in the Vs friends thing, right? well I had gotten the smash ball and went Giga Mac and took out a life of the persons stock. I meant to do my up taunt which in vs friends( or whatever its called in the online matches) and of course my taunt said "darkness" because i was messing around, but the timer for Giga Mac had went up and my bubble that said "darkness" stayed there afterwards- even as I lost another stock to my oppoent. it was hilarious and kinda cool at the same time. I would show pictures but alas, in my stupidity, i didnt take any. try it for yourselves, Smash Community! oh, and big wig blog site, I found this glitch first- you can't take my claim to small fame from me! oh, yeah, my name's Christian Brackenridge( Brack- en- ridge) in case you people who want to know.

So... what's up everyone? need to lead an Empire? O.K., here's a GREAT way to do that!!

Hey everyone. How's your weekend been? mine's hasn't been too eventful, just the usual LP watching. This time I watched an LP by SurrealBeliefs for a PC game called Civilzation: Beyond Earth. I know, I know. Just what the hell is this game you ask? my answer: Empire Buliding Maddness toture. Yeah, sure I've played a couple of empire buliding games- just Forge of Empires and Grepolis. If you're into the whole empire buliding scene then I implore you to watch this LP or get the game, I really think you'd get a real kick out of it. The youtuber certainly was having fun with it- and I applaud him for that. unfortunely for all of you who read this I could only handle up to near the end of part 11 of the LP. Yeah, sure, it looks like fun an' all- but what y'all have to understand is that my brain isn't really wired for that. Well, much anyways. However, if you do watch this LP and you find yourself getting bored, do what I did and play a different empire buliding game up to a certain point- namely when you have to wait for something to finish buliding ( or upgrading) that takes a particularly long time- grab a snack, drink, and kick back and watch this LP. It's a great way to waste time for things to happen. Anyways, I will judge this LP just as fairly as I've done the others- whether I'm subscribed to the YouTubers or not. Oh, and please tell me if you think I'm bashing against empire buliding games- I'd like to have a discussion with someone about empire buliding games.  Besides that, though, enjoy.

YouTuber: SurrealBeliefs
Game: Civilaztion: Beyond Earth
Rating: 4(out of)/10
Major Benefit: A great way to help you play OTHER empire buliding games
Major Downfall: Time-Consuming Maddness
Link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_4YUWpVmAqm8Mbnaw3S-oDZaXJkQfFc2

Friday, December 19, 2014

and the most badass is... ?!

Link to Etika's FULL Fire Emblem: Awakening LP: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjCKakDr8cXbhvhKqj-kfsXA4PWSVsA7X

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Etika and his man Robin killin them Risen like bees without stingers...the bitches

Hey everyone! I'm back! So, I've been watching the EWNetwork's LP of Fire Emblem: Awakening. He's great to watch- love the reactions from the guy! In all actuality, I've watched his LP a couple of times. he's a fun guy. I don't know how he does it, but I just love to watch him play the game, if simply for his life-like attachment to the characters- and yet just knows that they're all not real, unfortunely. oh, and the fact that I'm kinda following his videos pretty much like a fly to zapper doesn't change that fact. later on I'll post a link for his Awakening videos as a seperate post. oh, and another thing! I'll be making a Smash bros. for 3DS and Wii U list of weakest to strong video pretty soon today as well, so please look forward to that!

Game: Fire Emblem: Awakening
YouTuber: EWNetwork "Etika"
Rating: 9/10
Benefit: Great reactions!
Downfall: on kind of hiatus due to his living situation. please keep in mind that he's sharing that place with four other guys.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Wait a miniute.... is that...? Oh, crap, it's GhostRobo with the Skylanders' Trap Masters!

Hey everyone, me again. so, I watched GhostRobo's LP of the new Skylanders game. Well, more like he let one of his brothers take over after the third video because Ghost wasn't doing so hot. the main reason as to WHY I watched it? I was curious about it the game. And bored. Mostly bored. Sometimes it's not a good combination, others it is. Anywho, the game looks like it's a spin-off of the Spyro games. is it? someone please tell me. So, the way the Villians work is kinda like capturing a Pokemon in one of the main games. Only this is with the indiviual crystals that you can get in the electronics section of Wal*Mart. I'd recamend this LP for veiwers of all ages since 1) this is an E-10+, and 2) neither brother curses. It's a nice bonus if you want to watch a LP(if you've seen in my last post you'll know what this means, if not it means "Let's Play") with friends, famy, or with the people of your church, I'd recamend subscribing to GhostRobo's channel. Also, it's pretty fun to watch his video blogs with his family and his girlfriend( she's a right cutie if I say so myself [ good job, Ghost! She's a keeper!]). But, I degress. Watching Skylanders: Trap Team was a lot of fun. oh, and it looks like the LP isn't finished yet apparently for whatever reason. Ghost, if you're reading this, then please know that I try to judge fairly.

Game: Skylanders Trap Team
YouTuber: GhostRobo
Score: 8/10
Major Issue: Short LP
LINK: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs2mmUfELHP9OJdKWkhVXbIU6YlOilM02

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Reveiw: Kirby's Return To Dreamland LP by WiiRikeToPray takes the Stage!

Hey everyone. how're you all? good? bad? ok? that's good n' all I suppose. well, I just finished watching an Let's Play of Kirby's Return to Dreamland for the Nintendo Wii by the YouTuber WiiRikeToPray. this particular YouTuber had done a multiplayer Let's Play and I have to say that I liked it. Although it was rather inapporpiate at times the players(in order on the Let's Play[LP for short] left to right) Chris, Tyler, Tyson (no, not the frozen food company... I'm pretty sure the guy gets enough jokes as is), and Spencer were a good team. they often cracked jokes and one-liners as they're videos progressed (most of them being pointed at Spencer who was playing his first Kirby game ever). I wouldn't really recamend this LP for a younger audience as they curse.... a lot in a E/E-10+ game. Now I'm not saying that you shouldn't watch it, go ahead! I found the whole LP to be quite humorous, ignoring the cursing. The game itself is designed beautifully AND its got colors. bright, almost glaringly bright colors in the begining of the game. towards the end, though, the game finally got into the more darker colors as it went on. I know they did use this power much, but, my personal favorite Copy Ability is the Whip Ability- which they call "Kirby-anna Jones". when I first heard that I couldn't help but bust out laughing out loud. But, I degress and I will say that I found the game itself to be incredably cute. I'm pretty sure WiiRikeToPray would and will say otherwise as they've shown how much of a annoying pain it can be to collect, in this games case, the Cogs that unlock the other Story Mode features- two of which are sadly mulitiplayer- most of them being single player. To a lot of people who like to play video games with their friends and family, this would be a almost major downside. why? Well other than the two unlockable mini-games called  Ninja Dojo and Scope Shot, you have to complete the Story Mode just in order to unlock the other modes for you and others to play. All in all, unlocking everything can be a bit of a hassle it seems like, but I suppose it's worth it in the end. I mean, the game looks like a lot of fun. I just wish I knew about it when it came out so that I could have gotten a copy of the game myself!
Game: Kirby's Return To Dreamland
YouTuber: WiiRikeToPray
Possible number of points: 10(1 being the worst and 10 being the best)
Points Out of 10: 7
Major issue: cursing
Major benefit: humorous mulitiplayer action and intros
Link: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=ELZwm5UBogYuI

Saturday, December 13, 2014

I.... Have arrived?!

Hey everyone. what's up? yeah, I know, shocker, shocker, I have a blog to go with my YouTube channel. I thought, "Why not? it's different." anyways, it's late. I'll try to either get a video or another post up tomorrow. not really much for an intro huh?