Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Gotta catch 'em all with PurpleRodri

hey everyone. sorry about the late update. I've been busy with cleaning and playing a couple of new 3DS games. Anyways, I figure that most of you, if not all, know who I'm talking about when I metion "PurpleRodri". or not, I don't know. he's not as big as, say, Pewdewpie(?), GhostRobo, etc., etc. His Pokemon X for the Nintendo 3DS, Pokemon Emerald (Emulator), Pokemon Gold, Pokemon black( I think it's that one), Pkemon Fire Red version (obivisly emulated) and Pokemon White 2 are all hilarious on SOME level. Much like GhostRobo, I'd recamend this YouTuber to people of all ages, for the most part. Now, as we all know, no one's perfect- so he DOES curse only whenever he gets REALLY mad. know when that happens? rarely ever, and that's for his Zelda videos- but that's another story, another time. all in all he's a pretty cool guy.

Rating: 8/10
Major Benefit: RARE cursing
Major downfall: kind of slow updates
LINK: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnfHf6Orr9_y47xBjttGdfA

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