Sunday, December 21, 2014

New Glitch in smash!

Holy crap! a few moments ago i discovered a new glitch in smash bros for 3DS today! so i was playing against someone as Little Mac in the Vs friends thing, right? well I had gotten the smash ball and went Giga Mac and took out a life of the persons stock. I meant to do my up taunt which in vs friends( or whatever its called in the online matches) and of course my taunt said "darkness" because i was messing around, but the timer for Giga Mac had went up and my bubble that said "darkness" stayed there afterwards- even as I lost another stock to my oppoent. it was hilarious and kinda cool at the same time. I would show pictures but alas, in my stupidity, i didnt take any. try it for yourselves, Smash Community! oh, and big wig blog site, I found this glitch first- you can't take my claim to small fame from me! oh, yeah, my name's Christian Brackenridge( Brack- en- ridge) in case you people who want to know.

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