Sunday, December 21, 2014

So... what's up everyone? need to lead an Empire? O.K., here's a GREAT way to do that!!

Hey everyone. How's your weekend been? mine's hasn't been too eventful, just the usual LP watching. This time I watched an LP by SurrealBeliefs for a PC game called Civilzation: Beyond Earth. I know, I know. Just what the hell is this game you ask? my answer: Empire Buliding Maddness toture. Yeah, sure I've played a couple of empire buliding games- just Forge of Empires and Grepolis. If you're into the whole empire buliding scene then I implore you to watch this LP or get the game, I really think you'd get a real kick out of it. The youtuber certainly was having fun with it- and I applaud him for that. unfortunely for all of you who read this I could only handle up to near the end of part 11 of the LP. Yeah, sure, it looks like fun an' all- but what y'all have to understand is that my brain isn't really wired for that. Well, much anyways. However, if you do watch this LP and you find yourself getting bored, do what I did and play a different empire buliding game up to a certain point- namely when you have to wait for something to finish buliding ( or upgrading) that takes a particularly long time- grab a snack, drink, and kick back and watch this LP. It's a great way to waste time for things to happen. Anyways, I will judge this LP just as fairly as I've done the others- whether I'm subscribed to the YouTubers or not. Oh, and please tell me if you think I'm bashing against empire buliding games- I'd like to have a discussion with someone about empire buliding games.  Besides that, though, enjoy.

YouTuber: SurrealBeliefs
Game: Civilaztion: Beyond Earth
Rating: 4(out of)/10
Major Benefit: A great way to help you play OTHER empire buliding games
Major Downfall: Time-Consuming Maddness

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