Monday, December 15, 2014

Wait a miniute.... is that...? Oh, crap, it's GhostRobo with the Skylanders' Trap Masters!

Hey everyone, me again. so, I watched GhostRobo's LP of the new Skylanders game. Well, more like he let one of his brothers take over after the third video because Ghost wasn't doing so hot. the main reason as to WHY I watched it? I was curious about it the game. And bored. Mostly bored. Sometimes it's not a good combination, others it is. Anywho, the game looks like it's a spin-off of the Spyro games. is it? someone please tell me. So, the way the Villians work is kinda like capturing a Pokemon in one of the main games. Only this is with the indiviual crystals that you can get in the electronics section of Wal*Mart. I'd recamend this LP for veiwers of all ages since 1) this is an E-10+, and 2) neither brother curses. It's a nice bonus if you want to watch a LP(if you've seen in my last post you'll know what this means, if not it means "Let's Play") with friends, famy, or with the people of your church, I'd recamend subscribing to GhostRobo's channel. Also, it's pretty fun to watch his video blogs with his family and his girlfriend( she's a right cutie if I say so myself [ good job, Ghost! She's a keeper!]). But, I degress. Watching Skylanders: Trap Team was a lot of fun. oh, and it looks like the LP isn't finished yet apparently for whatever reason. Ghost, if you're reading this, then please know that I try to judge fairly.

Game: Skylanders Trap Team
YouTuber: GhostRobo
Score: 8/10
Major Issue: Short LP

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